We are a colaboration of people and companies that live, breath and love radio. Thats why we started to develope some solutions. Some of them are our own and some are thirdparty solutions. All in all, we make it play together.

From the music formating and station programing, via the big fat sound and out to the world either via airwaves og interwebwaves.

One CHR station, fully formated with news headlines at the top of the hour. The music includes not only the pure rythms of today, but also hits from last week…last year and even going back to the 80s. All formated to make the 24/7 clock give you a plesant radio experience.

One EDM station. Or more “club”. Or … yeah. Hot beats, hot babes and fun all day long.

One Classic hits doing the best from the 80s and the 90s. Sounding like the big stations used to. With at verry big playlist.

One pure 60s station. Almost pure. Some rare tracks from norwegian rock scene from ’58 to ’77 is included for free.

One Hot Smokin Christmas station, with christmas joy all day all year.

And at last, we have a Classical Music station too.

All this just to prove that we can do it. And because we can. Have fun and happy listening.

Check out wdon.org and click on the big “On Air” on top of the page while you read up on the stuff …”less talk now active”-> dive straight into our own FatNewWebPlayer @ ipcast.eu.